About Us

Play Wild™ is about the kids, it’s about them connecting with their bodies and it’s about connecting with nature, the outdoors and it’s about FUN!

Play Wild™ exists as a conduit to reconnecting with good ol’ fashioned fun and excitement for kids big and small, the young and the young at heart.

It gives us no greater pleasure than to see kids abandoning their electronic devices and and participating in play through our backyard play equipment.

Play is something that is crucial to the physical and mental development of children the world over and our modern society often takes that away from children (only 1 in 4 kids in the USA get the recommended amount of physical activity each day).

And we’re totally aware of the fact that some kids do not have that opportunity so we help organizations to help those children who are not so fortunate access quality  and safe places to play by donating a portion of our proceeds to them every year (Learn more here)

Thank you for stopping by and we look forward to being part of your family.

Sarah MacDonald

Play Wild® Co-Founder

Your Play Wild Goodies.
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