How it Works

It’s pretty simple – We are proud of the fact that Play Wild donates at least 5% of all profits to children’s charities around the United States.

So by supporting us and buying our products you are also supporting them.

Which charities and why

When Ross and Sarah founded Play Wild, they had a very clear mission – to get the children of the USA away from their electronic devices and re-engaged with nature (Vitamin N) and active play.

Sure, Play Wild products such as the saucer tree swing certainly do that, but they knew many kids’ families would never afford a backyard and the fun equipment to go in it.

This pushed them to seek out out charities who had a similar mission, creating safe and engaging play spaces in communities in need throughout the USA.

How it works

They became aware that a number of customers’ children or grandchildren have various disabilities and conditions requiring costly medical attention.

This motivated them to start donating to the hospitals and organizations key to delivering that care.

Whoah, what the hey?!!!
...check out these frightening statistics

Why is nature play important?

For many reasons, American kids have lost touch with the outdoors and nature, as well as the idea of “play”.

In fact the term “Nature Deficit Disorder” (NDD) is frequently used now by American Pediatricians.

With NDD potentially leading to behavioral problems, physicians are now having to prescribe outdoor unstructured play.

Can you believe it? A generation ago, there was nothing more natural than to be sent outside and told to come back at sundown.

With our increasingly urbanized environment, and easy access to electronic devices there are more crazy statistics to go with those above.

What can we do?

As parents and guardians of future generations, we need to actively assist in providing access to these opportunities.  

It doesn’t need to be complicated or difficult.

In a high tech world, a good play in the mud or run around at the park seems so simple.  However, kids love it and NEED it!


Play Wild is proud to be a member of, and supports the Children and Nature Network

Your Play Wild Goodies.
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