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40" Saucer Tree Swing | Fast Shipping

$119.99 $69.97

40" Saucer Tree Swing | Fast Shipping

$119.99 $69.97
Play Wild Saucer Tree Swing Award  

🥇Multi-Award Winning Tree Swing Fun

Creative Child Award Tree Swing

Christmas is coming and it’s time to get the kids outside and build cherished memories of backyard fun for a lifetime.

Are they driving you *bonkers* with their addiction to those screens and devices?!

💡💡 Here's a solution....

Crank up the outdoor attraction score with the incredible Play Wild® saucer tree swing, complete with cool distressed matrix honey-comb design.

Imagine the look of delight on their faces as they soar through the air on this giant swing. Is it a plane, a train or a tree swing? Let their imaginations run riot and get them active and outdoors in the fresh air.

Forget the milk crate or splintered piece of wood👎 dangling below the tree, this tree swing is built for the job👍. When it comes to the safety of your children, Play Wild® goes the extra mile. 

Build Beautiful Memories!

What do you want your kid’s childhood memories to be made of? They sure won’t remember their “best TV watching day”, but a day spent with family and friends filled with **laughter and excitement** forges memories that last forever.

Tired of the Arguments?

“But it’s my turn next!  😡  Lol - You won’t hear this again .😉

This beauty is easily big enough to accommodate 4 kids and will safely hold up to a whopping 400lbs.

Maybe you’re looking for some quality mother-daughter/son time. Yep, it’s big enough for the both of you to enjoy drifting through the summer breeze in the shade of that big ol’ oak tree.

Or maybe you just want 5 minutes peace and quiet to sit and enjoy a coffee? ciffWe get it! We’re parents too

Send them outside and the Play Wild tree swing will keep them happily entertained for hours.

The Danger of Voluntary Safety Standards (Not all tree swings are created equal!!!)

Seriously? That’s what we thought.

Did you know there's no requirement to safety test backyard play equipment?

Crazy right? So for your peace of mind, we subject all our products to rigorous voluntary safety testing including SGS Lab testing (an independent international testing and certification agency).


Your Play Wild Tree Swing is:

  • SGS Lab Tested
  • Independently Certified
  • Top quality product
  • Designed to last the whole family


So what does that mean? You can sleep well at night knowing you’ve purchased a quality product and put your child’s safety first.

This saucer swing is the perfect complement to any tree. Whether for the grandparents’ backyard or to take camping at the lake – it’s more fun than you can shake a stick at!


The Benefits of Tree Swings

 All children get massive benefit from the motion that swings provide, however numerous studies show the massive value for kids with autism spectrum disorder. Swinging makes for a calmer, more focused and balanced child (pretty much the opposite of screen time!).

Not to mention all the benefits of being more active, outdoor play, Vitamin D and natural sunlight.

Families are going crazy for this super fun backyard addition. Our hand on heart promise is that you’ll love it too!

With our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and a level of customer service that’s rare as hen’s teeth, you can’t go wrong.

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For setup instructions visit: Saucer Swing Setup Video


40" Saucer Tree Swing Specifications

Max Safe Weight: 400 lbs

Tree Swing Diameter: 40 inches

Adjustable Rope Length: 3' 8" min - 6' max (surface of swing to hanging eye)

Swing Frame Construction: Large Diameter Powder Coated Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel

Other Components: UV Protected Nylon Canvas (25X more than Oxford Fabric on most swings) and Rope

Tree Swing Carabiner Specifications

Maximum Breaking Strain:

Working Load Limit:

Locking Mechanism:

Carabiner Weight:

Carabiner Dimensions:

Safety Standards:



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