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Replacement Fabric Mat - 40 inch Saucer Swing | Fast Shipping

$50.00 $24.97
Replacement Cover Fabric Mat for 40 inch Saucer Tree Swing

Replacement Fabric Mat - 40 inch Saucer Swing | Fast Shipping

$50.00 $24.97


Top quality replacement cover mat for your 40" Saucer Tree Swing

Buy Once - Buy Right 

If you purchased the Play Wild Saucer Tree Swing V2, we're completely confident you won't need to replace the mat. Why? Because we've used super high quality trampoline grade materials with 25 times more U.V. resistance than regular Oxford Fabric. Designed with our unique distressed honey-comb matrix pattern, it stands out amongst the crowd.


What's Wrong With Oxford Fabric?
Oxford fabric is what is used around the edges of the mat on 99% of saucer tree swings sold.  The problem with Oxford Fabric is that although it feels nice and looks good, it just doesn't hold up to prolonged exposure to U.V. (Sunlight) and the elements in general.
As a result, it will quickly fade then after a few months it will start to disintegrate leaving the mat in tatters and the swing useless.


Perfect for all brands of 40" Saucer Swings
If you were unlucky enough to buy a different brand swing and the mat is falling to bits, go ahead and grab a Play Wild replacement mat.  It's the last mat you'll need to buy and will breathe new life into your saucer swing!


Simply slip your old saucer swing frame tubing into the new high quality mat and you're good to go.

Perfect for:

  • Royal Oak replacement mat

With our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and a level of customer service that’s rare as hen’s teeth, you can’t go wrong.

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Swing Swivel / Climbing Swivel Specifications

Construction: Hot Forged Magnesium Alloy

Maximum Breaking Strain: SGS Lab Tested 30kN (6744 lbs)

Working Load Limit: 2000 lbs

Swivel Weight:


Join: Sealed Ball Bearing Race

Safety Standards: EN 354 and EN 365




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