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Tree Swing Hanging Straps Kit | Fast Shipping

$29.99 $18.59

Tree Swing Hanging Straps Kit | Fast Shipping

$29.99 $18.59


Tree Swing / Hammock Hanging Straps

The secret to getting your tree swing hung or hammock slung with safety and ease. The Play Wild® tree swing hanging kit will have you “airborne” in moments.

The kit is S.G.S. Lab Tested for the safety and well-being of you and your family.

The two x 5 foot long straps are made from the same industrial strength polyester webbing as your car seat belts. Strong stainless steel “d” rings make them quick and easy to install. 2 inches wide, the U.V. resistant webbing provides a secure grip while minimizing damage to trees.

Stronger, more durable and easier than regular rope - there are multiple ways to use the straps.

Easily join them together and you have 10 feet!

Long Lasting and designed to be outside - this is one heck of a set of straps!

The Carabiners

As a bonus we include 2 high grade spring loaded carabiners also S.G.S. tested. Unlike a lot of competitor hanging strap kits, the carabiners don’t have sharp edges which risk cutting and wearing ropes and worse, little fingers!

What you get:

  • 2 x 5 foot long webbing straps and stainless “D” rings (S.G.S Tested)
  • 2 x Carabiners (SGS Tested)
  • Clear and simple installation instructions with photos and link to video demo

Instructions - How to Use

Not sure how to thread the "D" rings? No worries - we've got you covered. Check out this 90 second video and you'll be good to go.


Tree Swing / Hammock Hanging Kit Specifications

Strap Construction: Industrial Strength Polyester Webbing (Double Stitched)

Maximum Breaking Strain: SGS Lab Tested 30kN (6744 lbs)

Length of Each Strap: 5 feet

D-Ring Construction: Stainless Steel

Weather Resistance: Ultraviolet (U.V.) and Water

Maximum Load: 1000 lbs each or 2000 lbs combined (combined load is not when used in line)

Safety: S.G.S. Lab Tested

Hanging Kit Carabiner Specifications

Maximum Breaking Strain:

Working Load Limit:

Locking Mechanism:

Carabiner Weight:

Carabiner Dimensions:

Safety Standards:



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