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30kN Swing Swivel Kit | Fast Shipping

$45.00 $28.97

30kN Swing Swivel Kit | Fast Shipping

$45.00 $28.97


Want to know the secret to even more fun with your saucer swing? Maybe you want super smooth rotation with your aerial silks or need to stop your climbing ropes from kinking, hockling and twisting (oh yeah, we know the lingo).

Our hot forged magnesium alloy 30kN (strong enough to hold a mountain gorilla!) rotational device and carabiner set is the answer.

Sensory seeking kids love the spinning effect when connected to a swing. The fun levels just increased four fold!

Safety First!

S.G.S. lab tested all the way. The swivel is rated at a whopping 30kN (6744 lbs) breaking strain. (S.G.S. is an independent international testing and certification agency).

So what does that mean? You can sleep well at night knowing you’ve purchased a quality product that's more than qualified for the job.

We’ve paired the swivel with a couple of very high quality 25kN (5260lbs) locking carabiners. Fully adhering to EN 354 and EN 365 safety standards, your safety is in great hands.

The swivel contains a high grade sealed ball bearing race. You’ll get a lifetime of smooth and silent operation from this quality apparatus.

Perfect for:

  • Tree Swings
  • Hammocks
  • Aerial Silks and Aerial Yoga
  • Arborists and Aerial Workers Safety Lines
  • Aerial Riggers
  • Indoor and Outdoor rock climbing

With our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and a level of customer service that’s rare as hen’s teeth, you can’t go wrong.

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Needing some help getting your swing swivel setup with your tree swing? Check out our step-by-step guide here and you'll be away laughing www.playwildusa.com/SwingSwivelSetup


Swing Swivel / Climbing Swivel Specifications

Construction: Hot Forged Magnesium Alloy

Maximum Breaking Strain: SGS Lab Tested 30kN (6744 lbs)

Working Load Limit: 2000 lbs

Swivel Weight:


Join: Sealed Ball Bearing Race

Safety Standards: EN 354 and EN 365

Carabiner Specifications

Maximum Breaking Strain: SGS Lab Tested 25kN (5620 lbs)

Working Load Limit: 1666 lbs

Locking Mechanism: Spring Twist Lock

Carabiner Weight:

Carabiner Dimensions:

Safety Standards: EN 354 and EN 365



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