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Great fun for all
My kids absolutely love this swing. Me as well too. It’s hard to get them off it. My one year old loves it so much that he makes his brothers get on it with him. I love the fact that it’s big and sturdy enough that more then one person can get on. It can hold up to 400 lbs!

My fiancé put this together for the kids in no time. Very easy assembly and directions. This is a great out door toy for the family. I love to swing on it as well with my baby. I’ve thinking about getting another one for me so I don’t have to share with the kids. I recommend this swing especially for people with children. This swing doesn’t disappoint.

Cherise Kachelmuss
Verified Purchase

So Fun!
Fits nicely on my swingset and holds multiple kids! Has revived our playset that no one was using! Oh and its huge - 40 inches is a pretty good size!

Verified Purchase

Love the swing!
My son absolutely LOVES his swing! It was super easy to put together and it's very sturdy. We just put it on a porch swing frame we weren't using anymore.
It's perfect!

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Swivel Instructions - Using with a Tree Swing

Tree Swing Swivel Instructions

Fitting a Swivel to your Tree Swing

So, you're ready to up the fun levels with your tree swing! Using a swing swivel is a great idea, but it's important to get everything connected correctly. This will ensure maximum fun and safety for everyone!

We'll run through the order in which to connect things for maximum ease.

We kind of start at the bottom and work upwards.

First off, attach your Play Wild tree swing hanging straps or strap to the branch then follow the instructions below that correspond with the image.

  1. Lay your Play Wild saucer swing on the ground and raise the 2 stainless steel loops (at the end of the black ropes) together above the swing.

    You will need to ensure the ropes are not twisted.

    At this point, feed the two rings into one of the carabiners that come with your Play Wild Swing Swivel without twisting the ropes. So far, so good!

  2. Next, with the stainless loops sitting in the lower part of the carabiner, feed one end of the swing swivel into the top part of the carabiner and then tighten the twist lock on the carabiner.

  3. Take the second carabiner supplied with your swing swivel kit and feed the empty end of the swivel onto it and allow the swivel to settle at the bottom of the carabiner - we're almost there!

  4. Finally, lift the whole swing from the top carabiner and hook it onto the "D" ring at the end of the dangling hanging strap - once in place, be sure to tighten the twist lock on that carabiner too.

Once you have everything hooked up as described - it's simply a matter of adjusting the rope length on the swing itself so it sits flat and safely clears the ground and any surrounding obstructions allowing free movement.

Have Fun and Be Safe!

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