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Christopher K. (Clairton)
Works with Aldi Saucer Swing

I purchased this cover replacement so that I would not waste and throw out the structure of the old swing I had. This cover was a perfect fit for my swing I purchased at Aldi. I really like Play Wild's material, I think that it will be more durable and weather slower than the original material the swing had. Also, the contact I had with was quick and helpful.

L.T. (Willow Springs)
Well made dome easy to assemble!

I got this dome for my climb loving toddler and it’s a hit! We chose this dome over some cheaper options on Amazon because of its superior reviews and the care that’s put into making this dome last a long time and for the higher weight limit is has than others I’ve seen (so multiple kids can climb safely). It came quickly in compact packaging for its size, it had clear assembly instructions and all the necessary tools and it was easy to install. We love this dome!

L. (West Haven)
Beautiful fit and function

I couldn't be happier with the price and the upgrade. I feel so much safer with this heavy duty cover. The kids love the color.

Kids loved it, video of assembly process made the setup easy.

Great directions! I was able to assemble 95% solo with some help to hold up bars towards the end. The kids love it !

Sturdy yet easily moved to mow the lawn. Currently keeping 5 year-olds happy in the backyard. Good size, feels substantial and it's only a few inch drop when when they're hanging from the top. Sturdy enough for an adult to climb too.

Perfect gift for my 9 and 4 year old. Shipping was quick, included all the pieces needed and a few extra pieces of hardware. Directions were clear, but you definitely need a few sets of hands for some parts. I believe in total it took us an hour and a half. My husband climbed on it first and was very sturdy! Happy with this purchase.

Works better than I imagined. Used the swivel for a tire swing....almost no resistance and spins with ease. Bought another because I was so happy with the product. I am sure I will find a use for the second....

Great addition to backyard! The kids are super excited by this. We've been in pretty complete lockdown since the beginning of the pandemic, and this is definitely helping burn some energy! It took a bit of time to put it together but the instructions are clear and the video a great help. As per the pic, we thoroughly tested the sturdiness of the dome and enjoyed doing so lol

Great Swing! It's been a month since we have it and so far so good. Kids love it! It rains a lot here but the colors are still as bright and it is sturdy enough to hold our whole family of four at the same type.

The saucer swing looks great! I followed along with the video so assembly was very easy! Shipping was really quick! I purchased for my little granddaughter. She’s only 2 and a little unsure about it but I love it!

Easy to assemble with one adult and a couple kids (they do have to be bored first).
It took about 2 hours, snack and swinging breaks included.
Two-three adults could knock it out in an hour.
The 7 and 9 year olds can walk around underneath it and climb to the top. We have only had about 400lbs at once on it but I don't notice a flex of the frame at all.
Seems sturdy.

Tree swing should come with the tree straps.

Grandparent approved. Grandkids loved it!

I bought this climbing dome to encourage my kids to get outside and to give them some exercise while playgrounds are closed. They absolutely love it and have been using it every day.It seems to be very good quality and made to last. The colors were nice and bright and it was sturdy even when we had several kids and an adult all on at the same time.This company provides very good assembly instructions and an easy to follow video demonstrating how to put it together. I watched each step on my phone, completed it then moved on to the next step. I love that they even put in extra pieces so if you lose any you can continue the build. Fast delivery 3 days after purchase. I would recommend this climbing dome to anyone looking for a great outdoor climber.

What a great quality and FUN climbing dome! Our kids love it and so do we. Hours of entertainment and it looks really funky in our yard too.
The instructions are very detailed but also extremely clear and straightforward to follow. We have purchased Play Wild products before and highly recommend them because they are easy to set up, well supported by customer service and great for kids.

We set up the dome and it went well with the complete instructions. Grandkids came over and had a great time playing on it. Thank you!

We used the strap to help set up a swing. It worked perfectly.

This hammock is amazing! It comes in a travel bag (stuff sack) which is attached to the hammock, so you won't have to worry about losing the bag when it's time to pack up. The hammock is very convenient. Everything you need comes in the provided travel bag. I easily see myself using this hammock for trips to the park, on a picnic, during a hike, for camping, and in the back yard. All you need are 2 trees that are 10 to 12 feet apart, that's it. I was able to easily set it up by myself. The hammock is very spacious, sturdy, and durable. I'm very happy with this hammock and look forward to using it all the time!

This hammock is light weight and very comfortable!! Not to mention it's strong. Took less than 5 minutes to put up and take down. Comes with everything you need to put up. Great for camping or just enjoying the back yard.

Large and super comfortable. The straps have multiple loops on each side, very easy to set up between a wide range of lengths. Our kids love it. Mommy & Daddy love it. Super easy to set up and packs down very light and small. I will definitely consider taking this on my next hiking trip instead of a bed.

This hammock is amazing!!! It's so comfortable to sit in and can truly fit two people. I love the red and grey that I choose. The straps are so sturdy and safe I can't wait to use this at the beach house. Can't recommend enough.

My daughter loves this swivel on her swing. I love that it functions smoothly and is strong.

Fast and strong!

Works quite smooth, super strong. Very happy we used it for my sons hammock

Your Play Wild Goodies.
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